Master of the Universe/Fifty Shades of Grey

The most famous case is not the first, but it’s the most succesful. Master of the Universe was a online fanfiction published between 2009-2011 by Snowsqueen Icedragon (whom still has an author profile on FFnet) on her website (now deleted).

After gaining some reputation inside the Twilight Fanfiction database, she decided to publish her story Master of the Universe (first thanks to TWCS, then to some american publish house). BUT she decided to do that AFTER she gained the trust and taste of her public. If you want to know how she did that, please read this and this.

Anyway, when her book was out there, I decided to give it a chance. Master of the Universe was my favorite fanfiction at that time, and I really wanted to see how the published version was (if there were new characters, new situations etc).

What was my surprise to see just a few changes (color eyes for example) and absolutely NOTHING new? She just CHANGED the names!


Again: NAMES!!!

And the sucess? (almost) ALL her fanbase bought the damn book. That’s why it became famous and more and more readers wanted to know about it!

Don’t be stupid. Don’t buy P2P books. It’s just a lazy way to some lazy authors earn too much easy money.

Books are more than that. DON’T BUY IT! Instead, read the online fanfiction. Google it!

And this one has a comparison between Motu and FSoG.


Next case: The Office/Beautiful Bastard series. See you all TOMORROW!




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