The Office/Beautiful Bastard

I admit that The Office was one of my favorite fanfictions of all the time. I read it at least twice when I got the pdf of the already pulled story. It’s been pulled since 2009 at least.

Last year there was lot of buzz about The Office being published in a serie of FIVE (yes, FIVE) books. The original pdf has like 470 pages, and I really didn’t know where there was so many pages.

Then the 2 authors (really, there were 2 to change the names), Christina Hobbs (tby789) and Lauren Billings (lolashoes), said they wouldn’t use more than 20% of the “original” story. 

(Just to clarify: yes, both of them said that. But I wondered at that time what kind of “story” there was because The Office was like 90% plot porn). 

Anyway last year I borrowed the first book from a friend (because you must know I DON’T BUY P2P) and I expected to see the 20% of similarity… but I saw 40%!!!


The entire first chapter is THE OFFICE with change of  names! ]

And there was no chemistry between the two “new” (*snorts*) characters. In fanfiction you already have the idea of who is who, what kind of relationship they have, but the reader of fanfiction just want to see them in a different way or story. Maybe that was the wrong choice in BB series. They plariagized their very first chapter as it was a fanfiction, and then… PLOT PORN. Nothing new happened. No character, no chemistry… It was just… strange. 

Anyway, my advise is here: DON’T BUY BEAUTIFUL BASTARD. It’s not worth. Read the fanfiction FOR FREE. And basta. 

(if you want to read critic reviews about the book, read this and this)



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